Tabby Kats


Brown tabby tomcat


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gunshot wound

Known for

Prissy's father

Tabby was a big, breeding tomcat who called the Kats Family his home. His parents are unknown. In June 1994, one of the Kats she-cats gave birth to a litter of kittens. One of which was named Prissy Furries, Tabby's daughter. However, she was probably not his only kit. Seeing as Tabby mated with several of the group's she-cats, the majority of the Kats kits were probably his offspring. Dispite having a handful of mates and kittens, he also roved and this sudden and unplanned leaving is what led to his death. Tabby was shot and found dead in the woods outside of RussleH's home in 2002 by an unknown gunman.