Sunny is best known as the littermate to Samantha Furries He was born on April 4, 2007 under poorch at

Sunny Furries


Long/Short hair, dark gray and white tomcat


April 4, 2007


Miss Kitty Furries and Daddy O


July 2010


Killed by a rival tomcat

Known for

Samantha's littermate

Also Known As

Isabell when he was a kitten and Sunshine before RussleH won the argument and established that he was a boy.

grandma's house with his littermates Smokey Furries and Samantha Furries. His mother was Miss Kitty Furries. His father was a feral tom called Daddy O . At first, everyone thought that Sunny was a female so he was called Isabella. When he was six weeks old, RussleH adopted Samantha and he was left with his littermate brother Sunny as his only companion. However, the spat was between cousins, Delaine and RussleH. While Delaine was determined to prove that Sunny was a female, RussleH declaired her wrong and stated otherwise. The dispute went on until he was about six months of age, when RussleH won the spat about his gender. When he and his brother were approaching 9 months of age, Smokey was hit by a car while playing in a road. Sunny's mother Miss Kitty was discovered to be pregnant again but she lost the litter and was fixed soon after. Sunny's father, Daddy O, was then hauled off and he was left with only his mother. However, after grandma died, Miss Kitty left and Sunny was left all alone. He often left his home to rove and may have fathered a few litters of kits. In July 2010, Sunny was killed by a rival unknown white tomcat in a fight over territory. There are no photos of Sunny. His only surviving littermate is his sister Samantha, who is currently four years of age.