Spunky ASP


White and gray tomcat


November 2010


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No information


Sasha and Garfeild

Known For

The first of his litter to be named and one of the last kittens that belonged to Sasha.

Also Known As

Snowball, Snowwhite, Fluffy and Muffin. Spunky is his official name.


Spunky eating.

Spunky was born in a litter of five kittens that belonged to a lone she-cat named Sasha. His father was either an orange tomcat named Garfeild or a gray, unnamed rougue. Spunky's littermates were named Flick, Gray and Keeper. He had another littermate but sadly, the kitten didn't survive. These kits were the fourth litter born to Sasha. When he was only two months old, his mother was adopted and the four kittens were left alone. When they were about five months old, the ASP people noticed that there were kittens among them. RussleH and her friends named the kittens. Spunky was named by RussleH's friend Abby. He and his littermates survived and are still seen at ASP. &nbsp