Smokey Kats


Pure gray tomcat with white paws and a white dot between his green eyes.


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snake bitten by a rattlesnake while defending his family.

Known for

Prissy's mate and for saving RussleH and her brother.

Smokey was a semi-feral tomcat who was born around the same time as Prissy Furries. He was a nortourious tomcat and the mate of Prissy. He lived for several years and soon became one of the last members of the Kats Family. Tragically, while RussleH and her brother were playing in the Azea box, he found a rattlesnake and was fatally bitten. His mate, Prissy, lived on to the grand old age of 12 years old and she adopted several kittens, since she never had her own, and had to be euthenized. His comrad, Tabby Kats, was shot a few years before Smokey died. RussleH' s cat, Samantha Furries, had a littermate named Smokey, who looked alot like the origional Smokey. The last surviving member of the Kats Family is Samantha Kats, who is now 17 and is the oldest cat ever recorded on RussleH's records.