A shorthair, solid gray tomcat. Gray eyes and claws.


Smokey Furries was born on April 4, 2007 in a litter of three kittens that belonged to a she-cat named Miss Kitty Furries and a feral tomcat named Daddy O. He had two other littermates name Sunny Furries and Samantha Furries. Smokey was the only fully shorthaired and pure gray kitten in the litter. He was also the smallest kit and the weakest. He was unlikely to have survivied if RussleH hadn't adopted his sister Samantha, whom he was competing with for food. With her gone, he was fed more and survived. In July, Miss Kitty lost her second litter and was fixed. Smokey's father Daddy O was hauled off and not seen again. Then, in January 2008, at only nine months old, Smokey and his littermate brother were playing in the paved road that went by his owners' house and he was struck by a car. He was the first of his littermates to die. He was proceeded by his mother, who dissapeared and then by his brother Sunny, who was killed by a rival tom. His only surviving relitive is his sister Samantha.