Samantha Kats


calico she-cat




N/A, still alive


N/A, still alive


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Oldest of RussleH's cats (17)

Samantha was one of the origional wild/tame cats who were known as the Kats Clan. Her parents and littermates are unknown. When she was a kitten, she was adopted by a friend of RussleH's family and taken into thier home where she became a healthy, playful cat. She lived her whole life indoors and became quite fat. As time progressed on, Samantha became rather fat and lazy. She no longer wanted to play with her owners. In 2006, a new kitten was brought to the family. Her name was Daisy Furries, the littermate of Bo and Nosey Furries. She gradually accepted the kittens presence and Daisy, like Samantha, became fat and grouchy. Daisy got to where she would not let anyone outside of her family pet her or get near her. But while Daisy became more tempermental, Samantha began to allow others to pet her. She would meow each time she was stroked but would still surpress a purr. As of currently, Samantha resides with her companion Daisy and is the last survivng member of the Kats Clan.