Nosey Furries


Pretty dark silver-tabby she-cat with white paws and a black nose. Pretty green eyes.


August 1, 2006


February 6, 2007


hit by a car

Also known as

Origionally Lea, then Shadow. Perminate name was Nosey.

Known for

embracing the saying: "Curiousity killed the cat."

Nosey Furries was born on August 1, 2006 with her two known littermates named Bo Furries and Daisy Furries. In September 2006, RussleH and her Furries adopted all three kittens. Daisy went home with one of thier family-friends while RussleH and her brother kept Nosey and Bo.

Upon arriving at their new home, the two littermates were very curious of their surrourndings and the old she-cat named Prissy Furries. That is how she got her name. The young kit began to explore her inside and outside home. She and her brother stayed inside by day and went outside by night. Whenever, it was raining or too cold for the kittens, they would remian inside and Nosey curled up beside RussleH. Nosey would nurse the pillow.

Then, on the night of February 6, 2007, the six month old kittens were allowed outside that night. They played and hunted dangerously close to the road. They were slightly alarmed by the passin cars. Then, Nosey ventured into the road and was hit by a car. Her brother Bo tried to encourage her to get back up but she did not move. He went back to the house and woke up the two Furries that were home. RussleH's father went outside to look for the kitten and discovered her dead in their driveway. Everyone greived for the lost kitten but RussleH greived the most.

Nosey's brother Bo is the mate to Samantha Furries and her sister Daisy Furries is currently residing with Samantha Kats. They are both alive and well.