A longhari/shorthair she-cat with gray-dark tabby fur and white paws and yellow-green eyes.

Known Facts.Edit

Miss Kitty was a feral cat who appeared a the poorch of the late Elizabeth Prescott (grandma according to RussleH). She was tamed and adopted by her. On April 4, 2007, Miss Kitty gave birth to her first and only surviving litter of kittens named Samantha Furries, Sunny Furries and Smokey Furries. Their father was a feral tomcat named Daddy O. She managed to raise her first litter. RussleH then came and took home the kitten named Samantha. Miss Kitty never saw her daughter again. By July 2007, Miss Kitty was pregnant again by Daddy O. However, she aborted the litter and was fixed shortly afterwards. Her mate Daddy O was then hauled off and never seen again. Her son Smokey was killed when he was about 9 months old when he was playing with his brother in the road. Miss Kitty was left with her son Sunny as her only companion. When Grandma died, Miss Kitty dissapeared and was not seen again. Her son Sunny was killed in a fight with a feral tomcat. Her only daughter, Samantha, is her only surviving kitten.