Leaf was a calico-hybrid she-cat with green/yellow eyes and the mother to a small kit named Dec.

In the Short time we knew her...Edit

Leaf was a a first seen cat that took up temprorary residence on RussleH's family's property. She was first seen in
Movie maker 2 388

Leaf looking at the window

October 2010 as a lone rogue who was shockingly trusting of humans. RussleH was the only one to see her. She fed the full-grown female cat and she dissapeared for a month before returning in November with her young kit, Dec Furries. The kit was strikingly similar to a tomcat rover who also called this place home. They were fed and returned the next night. They again dissapeared for a few nights before returning on a night in November when the first snown flurries fell. RussleH tried to coax them onto Shadow's Poorch but had no sucess. The mother and kit dissapeared again and were last seen in December. Leaf was pregnant when she was last encountered and stil had her kitten with her. The fate of Leaf is still unknown.


In the short time I knew Leaf, I managed to take a few pictures of her and her kit Dec.