Eleusine Furries


White long/short hair kit with black ears, feet and tail.


Anyonomous, late April, early May 2011.


No information


No information


No information


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Known For

No information

Also Known As

No information

On August 19, 2011, RussleH and her crew welcomed a new kitten to their family. RussleH's brother was the first to discover the new kitten, despite her going out there erlier. When she approached the near wild kit, Eleusine was hunkered down in the corner under the A.C. RussleH picked her up by her scruff and began to pet her, easily befrending her. She is on the same porch as David , who has been there longer but, according to their previoius owners, is a few weeks younger than Eleusine herself. Like David, RussleH got to name the cat. Eleusine is adjusting well.

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