Movie maker 2 355

Dec's portrait


Dec was a grey-tan kitten with distinct black markings and green-grey eyes.

Dec was the kit of Leaf Furries, who was a rogue female who was first seen by RussleH and the Furries. Dec's gender is believed to be female but it was never confirmed. Dec's father was most likely Tiger Furries, who was a roving tomcat who also took up residence at RussleH's property. Dec was first seen drifting onto RussleH's property with her mother Leaf. She was seen traveling with Leaf each time they visited looking for food. Dec dissapeared along with her mother in December 2010. She was origionally named Junior but since nobody could confirm her gender, the name was decided to be Dec, as that name could go both ways. Dec got her name after the month in which she dissapeared.

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