Blacky was first seen as a black kitten traveling with a lone female named Tigress Furries in July 2007. His

Blacky Furries


Small, battle-scarred tomcat


First Seen in July 2007, probably born in June 2007.


Last Seen in October 2008.


No information


No information

Known For

The son of Tiger and Tigress Furries.

mother is believed to be Tigress and his father is believed to be Tiger Furries. He had been seen on the first few days of July but was first seen up close by RussleH when she was following the notorious Tiger around the property. She also noticed Tigress but the she-cat ran and the black kitten, Blacky, retreated up a phone pole. He began mewling for help and Tiger coaxed him down. However, as soon as Blacky got to the ground, he was attacked by Tiger and was saved from sure death by RussleH, who hollared loudly and caused Tiger to run away. In October 2007, Blacky's mother Tigress was last seen, possibly hauled off to the dump when she got trapped in the dumpster, and Blacky was left with only his father. For several months, Blacky simply dissapeared and did not return until March 2008, when he was seen traveling with his father. The two toms became close and often went on roving excersions together. However, the bond did not last long. In September 2008, Blacky and Tiger got into a vicious fight that caused Tiger to injur his hind leg. Tiger drove off Blacky and he was not seen again.